QIXU Paper Products Collection

Our Products series:
Packaging Printing paper, office paper products, self-adhesive labels / stickers, bank paper, NCR paper, adhesive paper material, thermal Paper, Cash Register Paper, POS/ATM Paper, Carbonless Paper, jumbo rolls/sheets, Printed paper forms/rolls, Kraft Paper, Release Paper, Cast Coated Paper, offset printing paper, duplex boards, ivory paper, offset paper, woodfree paper, uncoated papers, art paper, bond paper, uncoated wood-free paper, white lined chipboard, bond paper, sticker paper, laminated papers, newsprint paper, cover board paper, art cards, label paper, copy/fax paper, paper material, Other Papers.


Vital Solutions supplies almost all grades of paper which can be broadly categorized as below: 


(1), Cast COATED paper

1), One Side Coated Paper (Label Paper)

Adhesive labels / Stickers:

  • Specialized self-adhesive label
  • Automatic roll printing label
  • Color sticker
  • Product sticker
  • Barcode sticker
  • Laser sticker
  • Gilding sticker
  • Advertisement sticker
  • Computer labels

Materials: Art printing paper, Synthetic paper, Fluorescent paper, Reflective paper, Laser paper, Static electricity paper, Fragile paper, PVC, Transparent paper,  Gold foil/Silver paper, Tetron trade mark, Special materials.

2), Coated Woodfree (Art Paper and Board)

  • Substance – 80 GSM to 400 GSM
  • Quality – Gloss and Matt
  • Packing – In Reams and in Reels
  • Usage – Magazines, Covers, Brochures, Leaflets, Calendars etc

3), Light Weight Coated

  • Substance : 48 GSM to 80 GSM
  • Packing – Bulk Packed and In Reels
  • Usage -- Magazines, Leaflets, Brochures

(2), PACKAGING (Coated Paper)

1), FBB/SBS/Ivory Board

  • Substance – 200 GSM to 400 GSM
  • Quality – GC1, GC2, Food Grade
  • Packing – In Reams (Palletized and Unpalletized), Bulk Packed and in Reels
  • Usage – Packing Cosmetics, Medicines, Food boxes, Covers, Calendars etc

2), Duplex Boards

  • Substance – 200 GSM to 500 GSM
  • Quality – Grey Back, White Back and Kraft back
  • Packing – In Reams (Palletized and Unpalletized), Bulk Packed and in Reels
  • Usage – Packaging boxes

(3), PACKAGING (Brown paper) – Kraft Liner, Test Liner, Medium Fluting and White Top Liner

  • Kraft Liner -- 110 GSM to 450 GSM
  • Test Liner – 125 GSM to 250 GSM
  • Medium Fluting – 105 GSM to 185 GSM
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